Christmas event 19th of December

Join us for a healing circle with Mona for our last lesson of 2019 on Thursday the 19th of December at 20:00...

This evening will be our early Christmas gift for you free of charge, exchange of energy? Your divine presence...

Prepare for nothing, expect nothing, come as YOU ARE β€οΈ

We will be tapping into our own healing sources into a space from where we can cultivate Inner Peace so that we can project it into our future... To what we need away from wanting...

There is no need to register, no experience required...

If you feel the need to be on your own, yet feel the urge to join, please do... You can lay down anywhere in the room away from the circle and still receive the healing vibrations of the group πŸ™

"Join me at the Lighthouse to cultivate Inner Peace...

An early Christmas gift from the beautiful Lighthouse carriers as they offer us a space to come together πŸ™β€οΈ"


An extra kundalini yoga evening on Sucnday from 8 till 10pm by Lieve πŸ’œ

As from January 2020 the Lighthouse offers an extra class every Sunday evening from 8 till 10 pm.
"I am so gratefull I get the opportunity from my yoga sisters to carry this class. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and for believing in me.
The class will be filled as always with kundalini yoga kriya’s, meditations and soundhealing gong sessions.
The Tuesday and Thursday classes we carry as always same time same place from the heart for the heart πŸ’œ"

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