No live classes at this moment.
We keep u posted for online events on facebook

and you can find online meditations, sounds and love
on the event & inspiration page

"Be the Lighthouse so no ship can crash near you.

We must be the light so others wil not live in darkness.

That light is our birthright, embrace it. Sat Nam"

~Yogi Bhajan

Every Thursday

19:30 - 21:00

Welcome from 19:15

Van Trierstraat 40 - Antwerpen

Do you want to bring a friend?

Life classes again at Zaal van Trier on Thursday with Siggi & Kristin

We want to keep it safe for everybody and will gradually build up. Out of respect for all of you, we need to take some precautions. For now, everybody is welcome. The place is big enough. If there would show up more than 20 people, we may start with registrations. But for now, we think it is not necessary. 


À few precautions we would rather not take, but we want to guarantee your comfort and safety (you never know), so there will be no cookies and tea (ooo... 🤭) . We will see how the energy flows... 

So please, do not forget to bring some water. We advise to use your own mat and a blanket. 

If you don't have a yoga mat, please contact us. 


With all of our love - Wahe guru
Sigrid, the 2 Marijkes, Lin, Kristin and Lieve

Who is teaching?

Every Thursday Sigrid will be your guide,

occasionally Marijke, other Marijke, Kristin or Lin are there for you.

Please check the calendar to see who is teaching.

Depending on who is there, we speak in English 

or Dutch


At this moment there are 

teachings in the Lighthouse every Thursday.

Keep you posted for other days

29th of October - Kristin Full Moon


5th of November - Siggi

12th of November - Siggi

19th of November - Siggi

26th of November - Siggi

please follow our facebook page to know when and where we give online classes


Our Yoga classes are accessible for all ages,

all gender and all religions.
All you need for a yoga class is offered

free at the lighthouse.

Ware comfortable clothes so you can move freely ... Exchange of energy/class is 12€
or 10 time session card for 100€ (valid for 12 months)
couples: 18€/class - 150€/10 time session card 

Special events tbd

Van Trierstraat 40

2018 Antwerpen

Tel : 485 55 77 96