"Be the Lighthouse so no ship can crash near you.

We must be the light so others wil not live in darkness.

That light is our birthright, embrace it. Sat Nam"

~Yogi Bhajan


19:30 - 21:00

Welcome from 19:15

Lusthovelaan, 9 -2640 Mortsel

Announcement: our Lighthouse moved!

Starting from 7 september 2023 we will start with kundalini Yoga classes on a fixed basis in Reload, Mortsel Lusthovelaan 9.

When: Every thursday starting from 19h30 till +- 21h.

Where: Reload Antwerp, Lusthovelaan 9 in Mortsel.

=> If you are interested to join, please register here . Places are limited! 

It will be a new co-creation carried by several kundalini yoga teachers: Marleen Onghena, Nele Kussé, Sigrid Van Tassel  (with occasional support of Kristin Naeyaert for full moon classes).

Would you like to join us, don't hesitate to contact us!

Workshop Kundalini Energy Bliss

A workshop Kundalini Yoga to dive a little deeper. We balance the energies of the female tantric flow with the more male dedication and commitment in yoga. A beautifull marriage between the polarities to come together in the heart..

When: Wednesday 27 september 2023

starting from 20h00 till +- 21h45h.

Where: Zaal Van Trier, Van Trierstraat, 40 - 2018 Antwerpen.

=> Registration via Sigrid Van Tassel or send me a whatsapp on 0498/44.11.80.

Exchange of energy: 25€

Who is teaching?

Team: Marleen Onghena, Nele Kussé, Kristin Naeyaert, Sigrid Van Tassel
Occasionally other teachers will be there for you @ the Lighthouse for or with other events.

Please check the calendar for more news.

Depending on who is there, we speak in English 

or Dutch


Classes will be from
19:30 - 21:00
We can only enter the space from 19:15

Keep you posted for other days

please follow our facebook page for extra informatione


Our Yoga classes are accessible for all ages,

all gender and all religions.
All you need for a yoga class is offered

free at the lighthouse.

Ware comfortable clothes so you can move freely ...

Studio Reload Mortsel:

Exchange of energy/class is 17€

Full Moon Classes end of the month: 25€

Zaal Van Trier, Antwerp

Only special events. Price to be decided.

Special events tbd