"Be the Lighthouse so no ship can crash near you.

We must be the light so others wil not live in darkness.

That light is our birthright, embrace it. Sat Nam"

~Yogi Bhajan


20:00 - 21:30

Welcome from 19:45

Van Trierstraat 40 - Antwerpen


Sometimes it takes some time-out on your own to find your way back home...

We regret to announce a temporary break. You cannot give from an empty cup. Currently we need to take care of our own health first in order to guarantee you a great and relaxing experience. The only certainty we have, is that everything changes. Also our weekly schedule will need an adaptation recording to all of our needs. 

We stop with a weekly schedule and will continue with an offer of a 5-class series on a certain theme in depth. This series of classes will be organized in Reload Wellness Centre in Mortsel and sometimes in Zaal Van Trier.

=> Check out our website for more information soon.  

Do you want to bring a friend?


With all of our love - Wahe guru
Sigrid, the 2 Marijkes, Lin, Kristin and Lieve

Who is teaching?

Every Thursday I, Sigrid, will be your guide.
Occasionally Marijke, Kris, Lieve, Dihapeng or Lin are there for you @ the Lighthouse for or with other events.

Please check the calendar for more news.

Depending on who is there, we speak in English 

or Dutch


Classes will be from
20:00 - 21:30
We can only enter the space from 19:45

5 class series starting in april 2023

Keep you posted for other days

please follow our facebook page for extra informatione


Our Yoga classes are accessible for all ages,

all gender and all religions.
All you need for a yoga class is offered

free at the lighthouse.

Ware comfortable clothes so you can move freely ...

Exchange of energy/class is 20€
5 time session card for 75€ (valid for 6 months)

Special events tbd